Research Experiences for Undergraduates at Georgia Tech


Summer 2017 GT IMPACT REU 

Supervisor: Professor Michael Lacey

Mentors Student Topic
Robert Kesler, Scott Spencer Bryson Kagy (GT) One Bit Sensing: Phase Transitions for the RIP Property*
Amadou Buh (Perimeter College at Georgia State University)
Emily Smith (Agnes Scott College)
*The work resulted in this poster and the work was presented at the JMM in San Diego
Andre Souza, Michael Northington Alison Madson (GT) Chaos in Lorentz Attractor
Korynn Claiborne (Alabama State University)
Jade Rice (University of Miami)
Samuel Hood (Morehouse University)

Summer 2016 GT IMPACT REU

Supervisor: Professor Christine Heitsch

Mentors Student Topic
Megan Bernstein  Ibrahim Apata (Morehouse College) RNA Folding
*The work resulted in this poster
Heather Smith Ida De Vierno (Georgia Tech) Meanders*
Isabella Nang (Georgia State University)
*The work resulted in this poster
Megan Bernstein  Chelsea Huston (Spelman College) RNA Secondary Structures*
*The work resulted in this poster
Torin Greenwood Jason Kolbush (Georgia Tech) RNA Secondary Structures*
Taylor Strickland (Agnes Scott College)
*The work resulted in this poster

Summer 2015 GT IMPACT REU:

Applied and Computational Mathematics plus Computational Science and Engineering

​Supervisors: Professor Sung Ha Kang and Professor Haomin Zhou

Mentors Student Topic
Christina Frederick Rosahn Bhattari (Georgia State University) Numerical Analysis
Jamese Lewis (Spelman College)
Austin Little (Morehouse College)
Maryam Yashtinin Veronica Fulton* (Spelman College) Image Processing
Michael Mbaba (Morehouse College)
Rachel Shore (Agnes Scott College)
*Veronica F Fulton received the 1st Place Oral Presentation Award, April, 2016 Spelman College Research Day.