The Interdisciplinary Mathematics Preparation and Career Training (IMPACT) Postdoctoral Program is supported through generous funding by the National Science Foundation through a "Mentoring Through Critical Transition Points" grant as well as the School of Mathematics and College of Sciences at Georgia Tech.

IMPACT addresses the critical transition from graduate student to tenure-track faculty by expanding research horizons, enhancing teaching effectiveness, and advancing professional development. Through an innovative research cohort model, and with the support of mentored career training, IMPACT Fellows will be well-prepared for the challenges faced by new faculty.

Postdoctoral fellows were recruited in cohort groups of three postdocs around a common interdisciplinary research theme. The three Math+X cohort themes are:

2014 - 2017: Applied & Computational Mathematics plus Computational Science & Engineering
2015 - 2018: Discrete Mathematics plus Molecular Biology
2016 - 2019: Analysis plus Electrical & Computer Engineering

NSF MCTP program call

IMPACT award announcement

Questions or concerns should be addressed to impact@math.gatech.edu.